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This young wife, mother and college student has had more than her share of difficulties, but you would never know it when you hear her story and see her beautiful smile! A high-risk pregnancy costs her employment and before the birth of her son she suffered a heart attack. Her son is now 5 and in perfect health. Celsa eventually had open-heart surgery to repair damage and is doing great.

Celsa and her husband moved back to San Antonio when they found out a baby was on the way. There is family here and they wanted the support that comes from relatives. Eventually, however, they had to move from the cramped living quarters but had no place to go. Celsa had heard of SAMMinistries-Overcoming Homelessness and approached the organization for assistance. They were able to arrange for an apartment for the couple and their child and also provided other areas of support. Celsa wanted to begin work on her college education and was awarded a scholarship to San Antonio College. She is now beginning the second year of an Associate’s degree to become a paralegal. Her dream doesn’t stop there, however. Celsa intends to enroll in Texas A&M-San Antonio to finish her Bachelor’s degree and then she wants her law degree! She told me “It is hard going to school full time and being a mom. But, I can do it.” And we believe her!!

As if there had not been enough to deal with, Celsa’s vehicle was vandalized and her backpack was stolen. No problem with a backpack BUT, it contained her computer and school books! SAMMinisteries was able to replace her textbooks but asked De Novo if we could assist with the computer. Celsa wants to be self-sufficient and is prepared to do the work to get there. De Novo was thrilled to help her by purchasing a computer that will allow her to continue her education.

If you would like to help other individuals like Celsa, you are invited to our website,, where you will easily find a donate button. Thank you for supporting our mission of helping move individuals from social services to self-sufficiency.

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De Novo of San Antonio is helping the marginalized and homeless of San Antonio achieve their goals of self-sufficiency. Where there is anxiety and fragility, De Novo wants to bring security and stability.

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