How We Help - Taking It One Step Further
How We Help

Taking It One Step Further

De Novo Foundation is proud to offer a needed service in a way that is not being offered by any other organization in greater San Antonio.

There are currently several organizations in the community that help to fund the homeless and marginalized by paying for immediate needs. The De Novo Foundation takes this critical effort one step further by helping families move from fragile self-sufficiency into jobs and life situations that are more financially stable for the individual and family.

The opportunities are endless.

The De Novo Foundation of San Antonio helps marginalized families fulfill their dreams for their future by providing funds for completing an unfinished vocational degree, fees for testing, permits, registrations, accreditation,  licenses, certifications, tools, equipment, and more!  The opportunities are endless.

This money is seen as allowing these visions become a reality; taking personal transformation to the next step. Currently, funds to move to these “next steps” are very difficult to find in the greater San Antonio area. Your contribution allows us to provide a springboard for people to improve their life, whether it’s to provide added stability for a family, to allow someone to do for a living what they love to do, or possibly help move someone from below the poverty line into a middle-class lifestyle.

Adopt A Dream

You will find on our website ( individuals who we have highlighted under the “Adopt a Dream” heading. This will allow anyone visiting our site to read a story about an individual we are helping and donate funds directly to support that individuals “Dream.” While we are appreciative of any donations to our Foundation from those who believe in our Mission and Vision, we specifically wanted donors to have the opportunity to react to a specific person with a specific need. Names have been changed, but the need is real. If you find that the person you would like to help has already had their dream realized, we hope you’ll take a moment to consider helping fulfill another person’s dream. De Novo Foundation San Antonio Statistics


There are those people who will need more money than we are prepared to invest in any one client. But, we want to help!! We have made a donation to PeopleFund that will be used solely to pay the interest on loans of those candidates who both PeopleFund and De Novo approve. Microloans can be used to establish small businesses which represent 97% of all San Antonio employers. So, our plumber that needed tools may, in fact, be able to open a small business and employ others. Many people and families may eventually be helped by a loan that De Novo was able to facilitate at 0% interest. *

*The De Novo Foundation will not administer any loan nor will De Novo seek repayment for any PeopleFund loan. De Novo’s donation to PeopleFund will only be used for the buy down of the interest rates.

Who qualifies for De Novo Foundation aid?

This aid is a helping hand and is intended for people with a clear, well-articulated vision for a better future. The resources provided should address an immediate, solvable problem or issue.

Requirements for receiving aid

  1. Applicant must be a current resident of San Antonio
  2. Applicant must be among the marginalized or homeless
  3. Applicant must be a US Citizen
  4. Applicant must not be actively involved in any current bankruptcy proceedings
  5. Applicant must have a clear, well-articulated plan to leverage the aid to solve a problem
  6. Each household may only receive one gift under $1000 and one gift over $1000 per year
  7. Aid will be paid to the corporate entity, not the applicant

Aid may be given for issues such as:

  • Medicine, Co-Pay, Emergency Clinic
  • Professional Licensing Fees
  • Business Investment
  • School Payment
  • Vocational Training/ Trade school
  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Education

Executive Director will facilitate all transactions and communicate with the seller of goods; money will not go to the client.

Example situations

  • The woman who needs some technical training so she can pursue her dream…
  • A woman wants to leave an abusive relationship, but she lacks the financial resources needed to provide stability for her and her children. She must choose whether to stay in a destructive relationship or find another place to live, a job to pay her utilities and a daycare for her children.
  • The plumber who needs tools so that he can resume working…
  • A man is leaving a homeless shelter or a halfway house. He has a place to live and a job, but he would like to go to school to obtain a license or degree and pursue a new career path; one that is healthy and rewarding.
  • The young mom who wants to license her home as an in-house day care center
  • A man wants to start his own business. He has the education and years of experience, but a recent divorce left him with very few assets and even less disposable income.
  • Under certain rare circumstances, coordination may be made for a vehicle. Situations include, but are not limited to: a person has a job offer from a company but public transportation is not available during its business hours; a recent divorce or bankruptcy cost the person their commercial business vehicle.

How to obtain an application for De Novo support:  The De Novo Foundation of San Antonio has established strategic partnerships with a small number of carefully selected nonprofits in San Antonio. One such organization is the Christian Hope Resource Center (321 N General McMullen Dr, San Antonio, TX 78237, 210-732-3776). Clients can contact Christian Hope Resource Center (CHRC) directly and schedule time to visit with their staff. Those clients that CHRC feels could best be served by De Novo will then be referred to the Executive Director.

De Novo Foundation

Why De Novo?

The De Novo Foundation of San Antonio is helping the marginalized and homeless of San Antonio achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. Where there is anxiety and fragility, De Novo wants to bring security and stability. We want to help our clients reach self-sufficiency.

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