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Kristi is approaching her one year anniversary of being clean and sober. She is working multiple jobs while living in a group home where she can get support from her roommates. It has been a very difficult journey but she has committed to a life where she can be a good parent to her children. Kristi spent time at Haven for Hope living in the Courtyard. She met many Haven employees who are helping her move forward in her life. What she wants now is to get her entire family living under one roof.

One of the things that is preventing her from getting permanent custody of her children is the lack of basic transportation that will allow her to get her kids to school safely. The same basic transportation that would allow her to seek better paying jobs. Kristi is full of enthusiasm and prepared to do whatever necessary to reunite the family. De Novo was proud to gift her with a Tahoe that was donated by Dr. Virginia Moody-one of our board members. The car has dents and scratches-but so does Kristi! The Tahoe is ready for the new family that Kristi will provide. Second chances are what we all hope for!!

The presentation of her SUV was made at Haven with many staff members applauding and crying with Kristi as she accepted the keys. Keys that will open her life to new possibilities.
De Novo is proud to have assisted Haven for Hope in making Kristi’s future the one she always envisioned.

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De Novo of San Antonio is helping the marginalized and homeless of San Antonio achieve their goals of self-sufficiency. Where there is anxiety and fragility, De Novo wants to bring security and stability.

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