If you want to touch

the future, touch a life.

Author Unknown
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Small Dollars = Big Results

Most of our clients have needs in the $500 to $3000 range:

A car repaired so that a job can be secured; a piece of equipment that allows someone to return to their trade; a payment for a professional license that keep someone employed; new dentures so that employment is possible. Your dollars–whatever size your donation–will make a major difference in the life of a San Antonio resident struggling for self-sufficiency.

De Novo Honors the Request

We will review any prior history with other non-profits, and where applicable, we will refer to other agencies that are better able to help the individual. If the decision is made for De Novo to honor the request, we will make payments directly to the appropriate school or store or service provider.  No cash or checks will be given to individuals.

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Why De Novo?

De Novo of San Antonio is helping the marginalized and homeless of San Antonio achieve their goals of self-sufficiency. Where there is anxiety and fragility, De Novo wants to bring security and stability.

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