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Tasha never dreamed she would be homeless. Moving to San Antonio in 2010 after her husband lost his job in the Midwest, she was looking for a new place for her family to start a new chapter. Things looked promising in the beginning with new jobs and homes. However, in 2015 Tasha and her husband divorced and she also became ill and eventually had to have surgery. She was unable to work during this time and eventually lost everything—her home, her car, and full-time care of her children.
Tasha stayed with family and then friends until there was no place else to go. She found her way to Haven and has begun the process of putting her life back together.

When I was introduced to Tasha, I was immediately taken with her determination and grit. This young woman is a fighter and NOTHING is going to keep her from succeeding. She has just finished training for a new job and begins work mid-August. When she mentioned her wardrobe, she told me “I don’t really have professional clothes.” I told her that, as I understood her job, she wouldn’t be in contact with the public so more casual clothes would be okay. She set me straight very quickly!! “My dad always told me ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have.’ I intend to be in management with this company. I just must prove to them how good and smart I am. And I will!!”

The only thing Tasha needed to get past a final obstacle was car insurance for a few months and a minor repair on her car. She has gained full custody of her children and wants to transport them safely to their new school. She will be moving from Haven in just a few months and is anxious to, once again, be independent and self-sufficient. De Novo’s small contribution to her insurance and car needs means that Tanya is well on her way to the life she wants and has worked so hard to attain.

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De Novo of San Antonio is helping the marginalized and homeless of San Antonio achieve their goals of self-sufficiency. Where there is anxiety and fragility, De Novo wants to bring security and stability.

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